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Published: Thursday, 02 January 2020 08:00
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Our company founded and incorporated in Malaysia in 2019. Company founded by owners of companies, one from Malaysia and one from Indonesia. It provides software and hardware solutions production, distribution and support. Up until today it already successfully operated its business operation for the last 28 years. In present we cooperate with some others companies for mechanical and electrical installations.

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Published: Monday, 30 December 2019 14:03
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Driving the highest network & systems uptime by anticipating and arresting equipment failure  before it happens.

     Introducing NETSYS CARE, a service by Ras-Expert  that allows you to design & maintain your desired uptime.

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Published: Saturday, 01 January 2011 08:00
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Software Development:

We have developed many software development projects. Projects done in last years list below:

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