Published: Thursday, 02 January 2020 08:00
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Our company founded and incorporated in Malaysia in 2019. Company founded by owners of companies, one from Malaysia and one from Indonesia. It provides software and hardware solutions production, distribution and support. Up until today it already successfully operated its business operation for the last 28 years. In present we cooperate with some others companies for mechanical and electrical installations.




Online Journal Systems


E-commerce Software-online store management System


Manufacturing Company Information System


Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation.


Information Technology Enable Service Product.


Computer Equipment and Software.


PLC Software (AB, Siemens)


Network solutions ..........




After Sale training and support


Network and ISP Specialized Software Installation and Configuration Service.


IT Outsourcing.


Customized E-commerce site development.


IT Software Training and Placement Assistance






Government and Private Organization (B2B)


Consumer (B2C)